Making Music Together! 

London Symphonia musicians are making important contributions to the development of London Youth Symphony (LYS) members. Through coaching and mentoring by the professional musicians, the young classical LYS musicians are receiving a unique orchestral training experience. 

“London Symphonia players relish the opportunity to share their knowledge,” said Andrew Chung, Artistic Producer, London Symphonia. “We’re excited to be working more closely with these talented young musicians. The energy in the rehearsal room is palpable. This collaboration is truly a win-win for both organizations.”

Intensive, smaller instrumental group coaching sessions, led by London Symphonia musicians, elevate LYS students’ individual abilities and broaden their experience of performing in a group. Each of the three LYS concerts this season requires seven to nine rehearsals. Musicians from London Symphonia fill in “gaps” in the youth orchestra ensemble, playing side-by-side with LYS players, and mentoring their young orchestral counterparts. 

“As a bassoonist in LYS, it’s been exciting to see the new changes over the past year,” said Kendal Morrison. “I look forward to working with professional musicians from London Symphonia and improving my ensemble playing this season.”