London Symphonia is committed to presenting live music in a way that is safe and responsible for our patrons and musicians.

Our Joint Health and Safety Committee, composed of members of the Board of Directors, staff and representatives of London Symphonia musicians, will continue to review our safety protocols for all in-person events, and will adopt recommendations and requirements of the province of Ontario, as necessary. 

The measures set out in the Audience Safety Guidance Plan below, approved by the London Symphonia Joint Health and Safety Committee, apply to everyone: audience members, volunteers, and musicians alike.

Not everyone may have the same degree of comfort with the lifting of restrictions, and we ask that you please respect the personal space and comfort level of those around you.

Audience Safety Guidance Plan
(reviewed September 18, 2023)

Mask Wearing: Masks are no longer required to be worn inside Metropolitan United. 

Capacity Limits: There are currently no capacity limits at our venues.

Proof of Vaccination: No longer required.

Physical Distancing: No longer required.

Food or Drink Service: Water will be available for purchase at the Accessible entrance. No food will be served.

Late Entry at Ticketed Events: Once the performance has started at our in-person concerts, attendees will be permitted to enter upon the first suitable break in the program.

All Participants are Subject to These Measures: Everyone involved in London Symphonia performances, including audience, volunteers, and musicians.