Legacy Giving


Anyone Can Change the Future

From the first lullaby we hear as a baby, music shapes the way we encounter the world. For some, music can evoke long-forgotten memories of sights, sounds and even aromas from the past. Music can be relaxing and soothing, or it can motivate and energize. Music touches both our individual and collective souls, and the live music experience allows people from diverse backgrounds to come together as one. 

London Symphonia is passionate about celebrating one of the world’s oldest and most dynamic art forms. With some of Canada’s most gifted and versatile musicians, London Symphonia connects the region and its people through performances of both traditional and contemporary music, inspiring our citizens, especially young people, to learn about and to enjoy music.   

There is a bright future for symphonic music in London, but we rely on the community to join us in our commitment to the cultural growth and artistic well-being of our citizens.

There are ways that you can ensure the success of London Symphonia.

People often wish that they could make a substantial gift towards a cause that they believe in, but this dream seems out of reach because of their current financial responsibilities. A planned (or, legacy) gift can enable you to achieve your goal. By creating a gift today for the future benefit of London Symphonia, you can ensure the financial future of London Symphonia without affecting your current lifestyle.

Making a Legacy Gift is Easy

Most legacy gifts are in the form of a bequest in a will, which is easily created by adding a “codicil” to an existing will, or by including a gift in the preparation of a new will. The cost to add a codicil to a will is nominal, and London Symphonia can provide specific wording that simplifies this task for your lawyer.  It is always best to include your trusted advisors and family when making changes to your estate plan.

The Easiest Ways to Leave Your Legacy to London Symphonia 

1. Bequests – Your Will and You

Bequests enable individuals to make significant gifts that they may not have been able to make while living - gifts that continue to make a difference for many years.  Your bequest to London Symphonia may be a specific amount of money, a specific asset, or a percentage of the residue of your estate.

2. Life Insurance

Gifts of life insurance where a registered charity is a named beneficiary, can simplify estates and avoid probate taxes. With a gift of a new or existing policy you can support the Symphonia by naming London Symphonia as a Beneficiary of your policy.

3. Gifts of Securities

Several years ago our Federal Government decided to encourage the ongoing support of the charitable sector by enabling taxpayers to donate their stocks, bonds, mutual funds and some other types of investments. Gifts of security allow with appreciation for reduced capital gains when tax planning and larger gifts for donation. Significant tax dollars can be saved by donating in this manner. 

4. London Symphonia Endowment Fund at the London Community Foundation

You may direct your donation to the London Symphonia Endowment Fund at the London Community Foundation.

Recognizing Your Contribution

London Symphonia will recognize your planned gift on our website and in our concert programs.

If you would like more information about legacy giving, please contact our Fundraising Associate at paula@londonsymphonia.ca or 226-270-0910.


The contents herein are current as at the date of writing and are not intended to replace legal, tax, financial or any other professional advice.  It is recommended that you consult your professional advisor to ensure any estate planning strategies you are considering are in keeping with your own personal tax, estate or financial situation.