Margaret Voorhaar

Margaret Voorhaar is second flute and piccolo with London Symphonia, a role that she has held since winning an audition for Orchestra London while in her third year of university. As a member of the orchestra, she has performed countless performances in London, throughout the province of Ontario, and on a tour of Italy.

Honoured to have studied with highly regarded teachers in many countries, Margaret counts Nederlanders Ko Ikelaar and Krijn Voorhaar  (her father) for laying down the groundwork.  Maxence Larrieu and Alain Marion, flutists of the French school, were inspirational. Geoffrey Gilbert, of the London Symphony Orchestra (U.K.) accepted her as a student during a sabbatical year. Jeannie Baxtresser of the New York Philharmonic was a ‘thoughtful and exciting’ teacher for many years. She carries on these teaching traditions with her own students. Margaret was coached on piccolo by “Clem” Barone of the Detroit Symphony (DSO), Anthony Antonacci of the Toronto Symphony and Jeffrey Zook, the present-day piccolo chair in the DSO. Margaret can be heard performing on her Seaman Grenadilla wood piccolo, which is paired with an Eldred Spell head joint. The combination results in a rich lower octave and a spirited upper range when called for.

Frequently called upon to run clinics and adjudications for flute students, Margaret enjoys the chance to work with young flutists. Skype lessons and composing for her students are avenues she is now exploring.   

Margaret is looking forward to the innovative direction and fresh programming of future concerts with the new London Symphonia.  



She can be reached at