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London Symphonia

Application Deadline, July 5

Organization Profile
London Symphonia is a professional symphony orchestra committed to performing vibrant and bold musical experiences for London and the region. With a core of 29 players, our versatile group meets the community's needs for quality programming by presenting well-known symphonies, Canadian premieres, and collaborations with some of Canada's finest singer-songwriters. Our vision includes a commitment to artistic excellence, music education, and strong community partnerships.

The General Manager (GM) assumes responsibility for the management of all human and financial resources needed to achieve London Symphonia’s mission. To that end, the GM is accountable for all aspects of the organization and for implementing policies set by the Board of Directors. The GM sets the tone for organizational operations, formulating and carrying out policies and programs related to administrative, budgetary, staffing, fundraising, and advocacy activities. This position will be a public face for the orchestra in community activities and patron/donor relations. The multi-faceted responsibilities call for an individual with demonstrated leadership skills and management experience, the ability to assemble an effective staff, work effectively with board and community members, and collaborate with artistic personnel to ensure the integrity and growth of orchestra programming.


We're looking for a high-energy, entrepreneurial arts manager who believes in the importance of an orchestra organization as part of the community fabric. The candidate must have excellent communication skills with a can-do attitude to advance London Symphonia. Expected qualities include collaborative nature, sense of humour and superior project management skills.

Job Duties

Management. You will manage your direct reports and the organization’s administrative staff, building a successful team that meets its annual key objectives and annual financial budgets consistent with London Symphonia’s Strategic Plan (“Strategic Plan”). Recruit talent as required, mentor the development of direct reports and create a culture of engagement in the entire staff. Carry out such other duties as may be necessary for the proper and efficient function of London Symphonia.

Reinforce and foster a workplace culture reflective of London Symphonia’s values including a commitment to excellence, integrity and in compliance with London Symphonia’s Code of Conduct. Manage and develop key external relationships including government officials and donors and senior relationships in London’s cultural community, that will foster London Symphonia’s presence as a leading arts organization in London, ON.

Work closely with the Music Director/Artistic leadership and as appropriate orchestra representatives to ensure that there is clear communication and coordination between the various functions (marketing, fundraising, etc.) and the Orchestra.

Establish a strong and collaborative working relationship with the Chair and Board. Participate as a non-voting ex-officio member of the Board and its subcommittees as required. Regularly meet with the Chair and report to the Board as required on strategic initiatives, finance, operations, audience development and fundraising. Carry out all lawful orders or directions given by the Board and such other duties and responsibilities or functions deemed appropriate by the Board.

Strategic planning. Work closely with the Board, Artistic leadership and other key stakeholders to update and develop the Strategic Plan; create and then manage tactical initiatives to realize the strategic objectives.

Monitor the external environment for changes that could affect London Symphonia’s success and development, advise the Board of such changes and help develop strategic responses to these changes.

Implement new and innovative technology and media platforms to support London Symphonia’s growth and efficient use of its resources.

Audience growth and community involvement. In partnership with the Artistic leadership, develop and grow London Symphonia’s audiences to reflect the diversity of its London base and work to ensure that its educational outreach activities help foster musical talent in London.  

Working with the Communications Associate, lead the communications and marketing function, building on the loyalty of London Symphonia’s subscriber base and working with front line staff, CRM and related systems to increase their customer experience in all their dealings with London Symphonia. Set pricing and marketing strategies to increase both subscriptions and single ticket revenues.

Be the public face of London Symphonia. Build close relationships with the arts and broader community and media. Take on public speaking roles, interviews etc. that expand London Symphonia’s profile. Coordinate all communications, publicity and media relations of London Symphonia.

Fundraising. Working with the Board and Development Associate, build the fundraising function so that London Symphonia’s donor base of corporate donors, foundations and individual patrons of the arts is expanded and feels actively involved in the success of London Symphonia. Build close personal relationships with key donors and increase their engagement with the organization. Oversee the organization of key fundraising events, media coverage etc. that will raise new development funds and increase London Symphonia’s visibility to its donor base.

Lead preparation of all municipal, provincial, federal and foundation grant applications, build close working relationships with key individuals in these organizations.

Finance. Working with Finance Committee and Bookkeeper, ensure there are good internal controls and all financial reporting is prepared with integrity and in accordance with good accounting practices. Ensure Board approved policies regarding delegation of authority are strictly followed.  

Prepare annual budgets and track performance by reporting to the Board as required by it. Manage expenses tightly and take prompt corrective actions to address any revenue shortfalls/expense overruns. Oversee London Symphonia’s banking and risk management programs including its insurance. With the Artistic leadership and others, plan and prepare high level financial and operational forecasts at least two seasons ahead of the current fiscal year.

Oversee the negotiations of the core orchestra’s general agreement and service contracts with guest conductors, performers and others, subject to budget guidelines established by the Board. Oversee and negotiate the terms for London Symphonia’s leased facilities. Tightly manage any capital expenditure programs that are approved by the Board.

To be negotiated, based on qualifications and relevant experience.

One-year contract with possibility of permanent position.

To Apply
Please email cover letter and resume to by the end of July 5, 2019.