Frequently Asked Questions


Can I eat or drink in the venues?

Metropolitan - only bottled water is allowed inside the sanctuary
Talbot Street - drinks are allowed inside the sanctuary

Can I bring my camera?

Photography, video and sound recordings are not permitted during the performance.  For most performances, you are welcome to take photos in the concert hall before and after the concert and during intermission. 


Can I bring my cell phone?

You may bring your cell phone but please make sure to turn it off or to vibrate before the performance begins.


Can I bring my children to the performance?

Babes in arms (children ages 2 and under) are not allowed in our main concert series.  Babes in arms may come to our Cushion Concerts at Museum London.

If bringing children to the concert, help them to understand in advance that sitting still and listening is part of what makes a concert fun. It is helpful to familiarize them with the story or music so they know what to expect. You will often find concert information on the London Symphonia website to help you with this.

How can I study up before I go?

At the performance you will learn from your program. If you want to study up ahead of time, here are a few ways to help you do that:

·         Often there is a pre-concert talk 1 hour prior to the concert lasting about 30 minutes.

·         Our website concert information has some links to guest artists and recordings or videos of the pieces the orchestra will be performing.

·         Lots of information is available on the internet, for example, Wikipedia.


How long is a concert?

Concerts vary in length but usually range from 1 ½ to 2 hours with a 20 minute intermission.   If a concert is only 1 hour there usually is no intermission.


I have mobility concerns. Can your venues accommodate that?

For all of our venues, if you require special assistance upon arrival, please notify London Symphonia in advance by phone at (226) 270 0910 or an email to

At Metropolitan – If you have mobility concerns you can use the entrance off of the building’s main parking lot. There are ramps and elevators providing easy access for those using mobility devices.

At Talbot Street – If you have mobility concerns you may be dropped off at the main entrance adjacent to the building’s main parking lot.  There are ramps and elevators providing easy access for those using mobility devices.